My passion for music sprouted in 1994 at the age of 11. A year later, I had developed a healthy obsession for the guitar which lead to 2 ½ years of private studies with top session player and 1994-95 Guitarist of the Year winner, Dave Colquhoun (Rick Wakeman, Brian Higgins, Bow Wow Wow). Two years after those first notes (and months of habitual practice!), I became a runner up in the ’97 Young Guitarist of the Year finals at the age of 14. The performance took place at the London Guitar Show, held annually at the Wembley Conference Centre and I was featured in several Croydon newspaper articles.

In 1999, I won the school’s Paul Smith Memorial Prize for Best Achievements in Music. By 2001, I had successfully completed my Music BTEC studies at the BRIT School of Performing Arts and proceeded to focus on building my student repertoire at schools in and around the London area, and as a home-based private tutor, specialising in Rock, Metal, Blues & Pop styles.

I have continued to teach and be involved with a handful of musical projects which has given me valuable live gigging and session experience in the studio and on stage. I have conducted guitar clinics in schools and at local music retail outlets, demonstrating aspects of technique, composition and grading. Video examples of my work can be found here.

   “I have been taking lessons with Adam for just over a year now. Prior to beginning I had been self-taught for a number of years and had found myself stuck in a rut with no idea how to progress. During my first lesson, Adam helped identify areas in which I was less advanced than others, and we proceeded to work on those. In just a few weeks, I was seeing progress. A year on, I am a much better player than I had ever thought possible. This is testament to Adam’s skill as a teacher, and his enthusiasm for, and dedication to, teaching. Adam is also very easy to get along with and lessons are always a comfortable environment for making mistakes – and then learning from them! Lessons have always been varied and tailored to my needs and interests – a mixture of the RGT acoustic guitar syllabus (I am currently working my way through the Grade 4 book) and contemporary and classic songs from Adam’s extensive list of tabs – and I always look forward to them. I have been incredibly happy with my lessons and progress so far and couldn’t recommend Adam enough as a teacher.”

   “I went in to my first lesson with Adam as a complete beginner and he quickly got me up to speed on the basics of guitar. He was easy to get along with and taught a wide range of styles. While learning with him I quickly progressed on guitar as he has a wide range of knowledge on theory as well as the many different techniques used to play guitar. I very much enjoyed my lessons with Adam and would highly recommend him.”

   “Highly recommend Adam as a guitar teacher, i learnt a lot while having lessons from him and my playing really improved and he got me into some great music too.”

   “Over the course of 2011-2013 I was taught by Adam. I had owned a guitar for about a year prior to starting lessons, but took no interest in it, nor did I know any of the basics at all. I came to his lessons as a complete amateur and would have to be built from the ground up if I wanted to get anywhere. Adam was very patient with me and understood that I was a bit of a slow learner to the guitar, and kept lessons both enthusiastic and enjoyable. Eventually I found myself learning more things much more rapidly, and he allowed me to broaden my musical taste significantly. I went from somebody who listened to a very small pool of heavy metal bands, to learning and both loving new sounds in jazz, funk, indie, blues, as well as broadening my taste in heavy metal. Adam is an excellent teacher who is able to adapt lessons to your needs and is extremely easy to get along with. he allowed me to build a passion for something I never thought I would do. He makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself so that you do not become insecure when you make mistakes, and he is a teacher that I would highly recommend anybody to have.”

   “Adam was my guitar teacher while I was at college, and I would’ve happily continued lessons with him if I hadn’t gone off to uni, partially his own fault as his lessons helped me get enough grades to top my UCAS points up! It’s now been several years since I moved away, and the more I’ve improved the more I’ve come to realise how skilled he is. Not only is his technical ability staggering, he was also one of the most relaxed and chilled teachers I’ve ever had, yet one of the most effective.”

   “Adam is a great teacher that brought me from an absolute novice to being able to play along with my favourite songs as well as create my own. He was able to teach me theory in a fun, compelling way and helped me to understand the different ways in which knowing theory makes you a better guitar player. Adam is truly one of the best!”



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