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Adam is a great teacher. He helped me out with my theory, technique and we've looked at songs that he wasn't familiar with to start off with. Adam learnt them so he could teach me which was really great.

Daniel Criscuolo Avatar
Daniel Criscuolo

Whether it's a New Year resolution or just to improve yourself, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adam Hooton guitar tuition. He takes pride in what he does and his lessons are clear and rewarding. He has wide musical knowledge and his guitar lessons are thoughtful and at the pace of the student, without pressure. My son has had lessons with Adam at school over a few years and he has gone from strength to strength - improving and loving his guitar playing.

Loretta Kilgannon Avatar
Loretta Kilgannon

Amazing teacher - Adam can play anything & everything, and is able to break it down into easy & manageable sections so tough parts become easy. Would recommend him to anyone.

Jimmymacr Avatar

My son started guitar lessons at school and became very disillusioned by his teacher, since changing to Adam a year ago his playing is progressing well and he's really enjoying guitar. Adam is a brilliant teacher, incredibly patient and very enthusiastic. Adam gets the balance right between challenging him with new pieces but not excessively so and a fun mix of music, both classic and contemporary keeps my son interested and willing to practice. I would happily recommend Adam without any hesitation.

Suzanna Reed Avatar
Suzanna Reed

Top quality guitar lessons, Adam was able to watch me play and coach me on how to improve. Even now I'm still using what he taught me! At whatever level, he will be able to help you get where you want to be in your musical journey.

Ronny Ospina Orozco Avatar
Ronny Ospina Orozco

I first had lessons with Adam when I was at college. He patiently worked with me towards my goals by setting clear objectives whilst identifying and guiding me in areas of improvement. The lessons were inspiring, tailored to my needs and were always an engaging and positive experience, helping me to rapidly progress in a short amount of time.Through the lessons I quickly gained all the tools and confidence I needed to develop my skills further as a guitar player and musician. I was opened up to a whole new world of guitar playing that I hadn’t even discovered and my own idea of guitar playing and being a musician changed, for the better, and all that I learned I still apply to my playing today whenever I pick up a guitar.Adam is one of the most technically proficient and accomplished musicians I have ever met. He has an impressive and expanding knowledge of music theory, techniques, playing styles, bands/musicians and an enthusiasm and appreciation for all music. He is a skilled teacher and has the ability to demonstrate all these qualities, which means there is plenty of fuel in lessons to advance the learning and playing of any guitarist regardless of taste or ability. Alongside all of this Adam is professional, relaxed and easy to get on with leading to instantly comfortable and productive lessons. I recommend Adam fully to anyone with an interest of learning to play the guitar and those looking to improve in any capacity as a player.

Sam Keer Avatar
Sam Keer

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