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Highly recommend Adam as a guitar teacher, i learnt a lot while having lessons from him and my playing really improved and he got me into some great music too.

William Underwood Avatar
William Underwood

I was almost an absolute beginner when I started lessons with Adam and he gave me a great foundation to work on. I'm now at a level I never expected to be. I started using apps like Yousician, but they're just not a substitute for a good teacher. They can teach you what to play but not how it's best to. Adam stopped me from getting into bad playing habits and has taught both the theory and the practical side to me, so I can learn more on my own and be a better player. His comments are constructive and he's very patient, so if you put the practice in you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended!

John Avatar

I have been taking lessons with Adam for just over a year now. Prior to beginning I had been self-taught for a number of years and had found myself stuck in a rut with no idea how to progress. During my first lesson, Adam helped identify areas in which I was less advanced than others, and we proceeded to work on those. In just a few weeks, I was seeing progress. A year on, I am a much better player than I had ever thought possible. This is testament to Adam's skill as a teacher, and his enthusiasm for, and dedication to, teaching. Adam is also very easy to get along with and lessons are always a comfortable environment for making mistakes - and then learning from them!Lessons have always been varied and tailored to my needs and interests - a mixture of the RGT acoustic guitar syllabus (I am currently working my way through the Grade 4 book) and contemporary and classic songs from Adam's extensive list of tabs - and I always look forward to them. I have been incredibly happy with my lessons and progress so far and couldn't recommend Adam enough as a teacher.

Natasha Chan Avatar
Natasha Chan

Adam has been teaching my children, aged 8 and 10, to play acoustic and electric guitar for over a year after I found him by chance on a website. We have a weekly schedule and he never fails to be reliable. He has high expectations of the children to be attentive and committed to their learning and therefore Adam gets results. He develops a personal relationship with the children over time so they feel comfortable with him and his professionalism and knowledge commands respect. Adam prides himself on teaching the 'right way' and instilling a discipline in the children. He is friendly but firm. If my children continue to play the guitar into their adult years I can honestly say that it will be part due to the strong foundation Adam has provided for them.

Olivia Avatar

I first had lessons with Adam when I was at college. He patiently worked with me towards my goals by setting clear objectives whilst identifying and guiding me in areas of improvement. The lessons were inspiring, tailored to my needs and were always an engaging and positive experience, helping me to rapidly progress in a short amount of time.Through the lessons I quickly gained all the tools and confidence I needed to develop my skills further as a guitar player and musician. I was opened up to a whole new world of guitar playing that I hadn’t even discovered and my own idea of guitar playing and being a musician changed, for the better, and all that I learned I still apply to my playing today whenever I pick up a guitar.Adam is one of the most technically proficient and accomplished musicians I have ever met. He has an impressive and expanding knowledge of music theory, techniques, playing styles, bands/musicians and an enthusiasm and appreciation for all music. He is a skilled teacher and has the ability to demonstrate all these qualities, which means there is plenty of fuel in lessons to advance the learning and playing of any guitarist regardless of taste or ability. Alongside all of this Adam is professional, relaxed and easy to get on with leading to instantly comfortable and productive lessons. I recommend Adam fully to anyone with an interest of learning to play the guitar and those looking to improve in any capacity as a player.

Sam Keer Avatar
Sam Keer

When I started lessons with Adam I already had quite a lot of experience playing guitar, both lead and rhythm. I went to him to improve my lead playing and become a more technical player. Within a few weeks he had completely changed my playing. I had grown up on Slash's style of Bluesy hard rock. Adam helped me take that to the next level learning Extreme, Dream Theater, and loads of sweep picking / modal ideas. It transformed my playing from a standard rock player to having some real technical moves. I still use the tapping from the Extreme songs to this day. I love it!I also worked along side him for a while and saw that he was also very capable of teaching beginners of all ages. So I have no doubt that any level, musical background, age, or targets. Adam is the man for the job!

Ben Allison Avatar
Ben Allison

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