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Over the course of 2011-2013 I was taught by Adam. I had owned a guitar for about a year prior to starting lessons, but took no interest in it, nor did I know any of the basics at all. I came to his lessons as a complete amateur and would have to be built from the ground up if I wanted to get anywhere. Adam was very patient with me and understood that I was a bit of a slow learner to the guitar, and kept lessons both enthusiastic and enjoyable. Eventually I found myself learning more things much more rapidly, and he allowed me to broaden my musical taste significantly. I went from somebody who listened to a very small pool of heavy metal bands, to learning and both loving new sounds in jazz, funk, indie, blues, as well as broadening my taste in heavy metal. Adam is an excellent teacher who is able to adapt lessons to your needs and is extremely easy to get along with. He makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself so that you do not become insecure when you make mistakes, and he is a teacher that I would highly recommend anybody to have.

Nicolas Chimonides Avatar
Nicolas Chimonides

Highly recommend Adam as a guitar teacher, i learnt a lot while having lessons from him and my playing really improved and he got me into some great music too.

William Underwood Avatar
William Underwood

Adam is a very patient teacher and a nice guy too. He really helped me to move my playing to the next level and improved my technique. I will go back for more lessons.

Matthew Wenham Avatar
Matthew Wenham

When I started lessons with Adam I already had quite a lot of experience playing guitar, both lead and rhythm. I went to him to improve my lead playing and become a more technical player. Within a few weeks he had completely changed my playing. I had grown up on Slash's style of Bluesy hard rock. Adam helped me take that to the next level learning Extreme, Dream Theater, and loads of sweep picking / modal ideas. It transformed my playing from a standard rock player to having some real technical moves. I still use the tapping from the Extreme songs to this day. I love it!I also worked along side him for a while and saw that he was also very capable of teaching beginners of all ages. So I have no doubt that any level, musical background, age, or targets. Adam is the man for the job!

Ben Allison Avatar
Ben Allison

Adam is a great teacher. He helped me out with my theory, technique and we've looked at songs that he wasn't familiar with to start off with. Adam learnt them so he could teach me which was really great.

Daniel Criscuolo Avatar
Daniel Criscuolo

I have been taking lessons from Adam for the last 18 months in an effort to improve my playing. He has been a great help in identifying areas of my skills that need attention in order to improve. Adam is a very patient and friendly teacher and I look forward to my lessons.
As a 71 year old student, you are never too old to learn new skills and Adam has fully embraced this. I would thoroughly recommend anyone of any age to take tuition from this gifted guitar player and teacher.

Andy Bick Avatar
Andy Bick

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