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My son started guitar lessons at school and became very disillusioned by his teacher, since changing to Adam a year ago his playing is progressing well and he's really enjoying guitar. Adam is a brilliant teacher, incredibly patient and very enthusiastic. Adam gets the balance right between challenging him with new pieces but not excessively so and a fun mix of music, both classic and contemporary keeps my son interested and willing to practice. I would happily recommend Adam without any hesitation.

Suzanna Reed Avatar
Suzanna Reed

Adam was a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed his lessons which he presented in an ordered and professional manner.

Darryl Caithness Avatar
Darryl Caithness

Adam has been teaching our 3 children guitar for over a year now. He is a patient, inspiring teacher who has a unique ability to make the lessons engaging while also encouraging them to work hard. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Sinead Daneshvar Avatar
Sinead Daneshvar

I have been taking my daughter Lucy to Adam now for nearly 3 years. In the beginning, as any parent would be, i was cautious and sat in the lessons with Lucy. I can honestly say, I felt very relaxed, confident and 100% trustworthy with Adam. His teaching skills are impeccable, he is relaxed, lets students pick what they would like to play and if it is not appropriate, his vast knowledge will choose a suitable piece to learn. If you are looking for a first class tutor, look no further as you will be looked after extremely well, young or adult. Testimony to this is that Lucy had the choice of going to BRIT school or ACM. Two of the best post 16 A Level colleges in the country. She chose ACM, as the course is more focused on guitar and she felt more comfortable. We will still be going to Adams, as Lucy will be doing her Rokschool grades, which I am confident that Adam will do a great job again.Many thanks Adamfrom a very proud father.

Mark Crouch Avatar
Mark Crouch

I have been taking lessons from Adam for the last 18 months in an effort to improve my playing. He has been a great help in identifying areas of my skills that need attention in order to improve. Adam is a very patient and friendly teacher and I look forward to my lessons.
As a 71 year old student, you are never too old to learn new skills and Adam has fully embraced this. I would thoroughly recommend anyone of any age to take tuition from this gifted guitar player and teacher.

Andy Bick Avatar
Andy Bick

I was almost an absolute beginner when I started lessons with Adam and he gave me a great foundation to work on. I'm now at a level I never expected to be. I started using apps like Yousician, but they're just not a substitute for a good teacher. They can teach you what to play but not how it's best to. Adam stopped me from getting into bad playing habits and has taught both the theory and the practical side to me, so I can learn more on my own and be a better player. His comments are constructive and he's very patient, so if you put the practice in you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended!

John Avatar

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