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Adam was my guitar teacher while I was at college, and I would've happily continued lessons with him if I hadn't gone off to uni, partially his own fault as his lessons helped me get enough grades to top my UCAS points up! It's now been several years since I moved away, and the more I've improved the more I've come to realise how skilled he is. Not only is his technical ability staggering, he was also one of the most relaxed and chilled teachers I've ever had, yet one of the most effective. Anyone anywhere near the area considering guitar lessons should definitely consider lessons with him, you'll learn and progress faster than you realise as well as have a laugh!

Steve Baker Avatar
Steve Baker

Highly recommended guitar tutor. My grandson continues to make good progress. Adam is very professional, patient and kind.

Juliet Dixon Avatar
Juliet Dixon

Top quality guitar lessons, Adam was able to watch me play and coach me on how to improve. Even now I'm still using what he taught me! At whatever level, he will be able to help you get where you want to be in your musical journey.

Ronny Ospina Orozco Avatar
Ronny Ospina Orozco

Adam is a great teacher. He helped me out with my theory, technique and we've looked at songs that he wasn't familiar with to start off with. Adam learnt them so he could teach me which was really great.

Daniel Criscuolo Avatar
Daniel Criscuolo

Highly recommended. Adam has been teaching my son guitar for 3 years now and I'm very pleased with the progression that we have seen.

John Avatar

Adam taught me guitar for 4 years, from 13-17. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher during that those times, we worked through songs that were both challenging and interesting to me. Without Adam I wouldn't have gotten my GCSE or my A-level in music. He helped me to get 92% in the performance component for my A-level. I am massively grateful for all the work he put in and recommend him whether it's for learning getting your grades or getting your technique. Thanks man!

Martin Earl Avatar
Martin Earl

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